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Donate Financially

Donate financially to help run Crossroads.

Direct Credit:

You can donate via direct credit to our Westpac bank account:


300 Club

You can provide regular financial support to us by joining our 300 Club. Our goal is to reach 300 regular financial supporters to help us pay for our ongoing running costs and allow us to focus on fostering current and new programmes to benefit the community.


We are a NZ Registered Charity and can offer donation receipts on request.

Donate Food

Drop in during our open hours to donate food or contact us to arrange pick up or alternative options for donating food.

We love:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Frozen and fresh meat.

  • Dairy products.

  • Eggs.

  • Frozen food.

  • Pre-packaged food in sealed, original packaging.

  • Unserved food from catering.

  • Bread and bakery products.

  • Fruit juice and non alcoholic beverages.

We can't take:

  • Shellfish and high risk seafood.

  • Raw chicken.

  • Food that has decayed or spoiled.

  • Food past its use by or expiry date.

  • Catered food that has already been served to customers.

  • Scraps, peelings, leftovers.

  • Food in opened or damaged packaging.

Donate Time

As a completely local organisation, we depend entirely on the community to provide these essential services to the people of Marlborough. There are many ways that you can volunteer at Crossroads:

  • Cafe serving.

  • Cleaning.

  • Gardening.

  • Cooking.

  • Meeting and greeting.

  • Practical services (repairs, health, personal care).